HAL Archviz Toolkit V1 Released on UE4 Marketplace!

I'm super stoked to announce the release of the HAL Archviz Toolkit V1 on the UE4 Marketplace!

HAL Archviz Toolkit V1 Promo from HOYT ARCHITECTURE LAB on Vimeo.

I collaborated with HAL to help develop the toolkit and am continuing work with them on V2, which will be a VERY significant followup :D


  1. Hello Tom,
    it's now 2017 and we dd not see v2 what goes on and why this project is stopped.
    we are really interested about it.

  2. it is 2018 and the same question.

    1. I'm no longer a contributor on this project, but as I understand, there were several contributing factors for putting the toolkits on hold. There is interest from within HAL to develop them further, but due to financial, time and other constraints it just hasn't happened yet.

    2. Thanks for your prompt response!

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