LUT Tables Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Hello again!

I discovered that Photoshop has a bunch of LUT tables built in and wanted to use them in my UE4 scenes, so I went about exporting them all out, and I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with everybody.

I have two links below. The first is the LUT Pack in .uasset form, created in UE 4.0.2 for maximum compatibility. To install, uncompress the LUT_Tables folder anywhere in your project's Content folder

Download the LUT Tables in .uasset format (Unreal Engine 4)

The second are the raw .png files. Please note that when you import these yourself, be sure to set the Texture Group to "Color Lookup Tables" in the texture options.

Download the LUT Tables in .png format

Here's a simple GIF demo images of the LUT Tables at work:

Update: Jacky over on the UE forums has posted 100 LUT tables!


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