Post Process Shader Pack Vol.1

Update! The Post process Shader Pack Vol.1 is available for purchase on the UnrealEngine Marketplace!


My Post Process Shader pack Vol.1 is up for voting on the Unreal Engine Marketplace Trello board:

Please take the time to take a look and give it vote if you'd find it to be a useful tool.

This shader pack focuses on creating stylized and illustrative looks in your unreal engine 4 games. I have developed them to be extremely flexible and easy to combine to create unique looks that can give your game or project that perfect look.

Here's a quick rundown of the shaders:

  • PPM_TS_InkAndPaper: Uses both angle and depth detection to create detailed and beautiful illustrative outlines based on your scene's geometry. Has example styles ranging from Napoleon Dynamite to Tron.
  • PPM_TS_Pixelize : Give your project that 8-bit retro feel without having to change but a few sliders. Can also be animated for that classic SNES Mode7 transition magic!
  • PPM_TS_Crosshatch: Simulate hand-drawn hatching or recreate the Kings Quest dithered look!
  • PPM_TS_Posterize: Quick and simple way to add that toon-shading look to your project. Combine with the InkAndPaper and the Crosshatch shader for a full toon shader system!
  • PPM_TS_Halftone: Awesome Pop-Art style half-toning or fine newsprint-style rendering.
  • PPM_TS_FakeLighitng: Define simple light directions and colors to quickly and easily light your entire scene without a single real light. Great for giving a simple, stylized look to environments and combining with other post process materials for unique looks.
Here's some images to show the capabilities of these shaders:
Cross-Hatching Effect
Pen and Ink effect
Pixelization Effect
I've also put together a walk-through to show how I'm using these shaders to get these effects and how easy it is to modify them to your needs!


  1. Do you know how well these work with the Oculus Rift DK2?

  2. Unfortunately, I can't say as I don't have one. Maybe between Xmas and sales of the assets packs I've made, I can get one of those fancy new ones.

    If you do end up purchasing the pack and test it with the headset, i'd love to hear the results!

    1. Hey, Tom! Could you please tell whether code for shaders is included in the pack? We want to play around with it.

  3. I've done some Rift tests with the Ink and Paper shader and the outline effect works fine. The paper textures feels weird, but I wasn't really after that effect. Satisfied with my buy this far!

  4. Is there a way to have this work with particle effects? I'm working on a student project, and I want to use the Sci-fi shader, but it seems to cancel out all the particles in the scene. Is there any way I could set up the scene so the PPE doesn't cancel out any emitter effects in the scene?

  5. Tom, could you help me to apply those shaders on my projecto? I'm having some problems to do it.

  6. Tom: Excellent work! Do you have any documentation associated with Vol. 1?


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