Personal Jet - Interactive Visualization Demo

Me and some friends were blessed with the Unreal Engine 4 Beta a while back and we spent a few weeks making this:

We posted it once before under the Company 4T banner but Honda didn't like that so, I'm back posting it for my own personal gain :D

Our little team built the model over about four weeks. Everything is entirely dynamic, no baked lighting, etc. There's of course some trickyness and fakery, but for the most part, it's really just standard CGI lighting techniques!

I was responsible for the lighting, time of day system as well as the materials, cinematics/matinee and the blueprints (Pawn, Player Controller, HUD and interactive elements), as well as my usual tech art duties :D

I hope you like it. We're almost done getting everything all polished and squashing a few bugs and I hope to release the project soon!