UE4 6 Degrees of Freedom Pawn Tutorial

There was a question about making a true 6 DOF system like Descent in UE4 as it was difficult in UDK. I thought, "I could do that in Blueprints in under an hour!" I was right! It's pretty rough and the camera clips a lot, etc. but it's a start for those looking to make a space flight sim or something similar. 

I've posted a Step-By-Step tutorial on the Unreal Engine Wiki:

Here's some shots of the blueprint setup:
The Blueprint is subclassed from a Pawn and is pretty straight forward. the only tricks are:
1) Make sure the Camera component is set to NOT use Controller Rotation
2) Turn on Physics for the Static mesh 
3) Turn off gravity
3) Modify the damping values to your liking!
4) In the Set Physics Linear Velocity, you can see that I've Checked the "Add to Current" boolean

Here's the original thread:


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