OMG, I have the Unreal Engine 4

Whoa. It's great to be able to say something finally, but Epic Games has granted me access to the Unreal Engine 4 and boy is it SWEEEEEET!

I've been playing with al lot of the different features from rendering to gameplay scripting via Blueprints to the incredible material system, so expect to see a lot more about UE4 ont on this very website. For now, enjoy these images and video!

Here's some videos of UE4 running. The fireworks system generated tens of thousands of particle sper blast and I can fire tens of blasts off at the same time with barely a hitch in performance. All of this while there's stacks of dynamic, shadowed lights immulinating the scene (Each truck has a two headlights)
(Oh yeah, I forgot I was testing JJ Abrams level lens flares too)


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