Stupid Kismet Tricks : Forcing a Camera Fade While a Matinee with a Fade Track is Playing

I just ran into an issue where I wanted to do the following:

  1. When the app opens, play the Opening Matinee sequence
  2. When the user clicks, fade to white
  3. Fade from white into another Matinee
The problem I was having is that the Fade SeqAct won't override the Matinee Director Track's Fade keyframes. I'm assuming this is because they are updated on every tick and override the Camera's fade variables.

What I've done is set up two Matinee's: A FadeIn and a FadeOut. Each one only contains a Director track with a Fade track and the two keyframes to set the fade on and off.
Fading Matinee
And, in Kismet, I simply play the fade Matinee and when it's complete, it turns off the Opening Matinee and Plays the second matinee (Which also has a Fade track!).
(There's a Fade SeqAct there. It's ONLY turning the fade color to pure white, FANCY!)