NHI Safe Bridges App

In addition to the apps in the previous post, I got to design a new one. This time I had a stack of data to visualize with TONS of variations. Almost all the data was delivered as text files or spreadsheets or velocity maps in .txt form.

I wrote translations scripts to bring it into MAX then out to the UDK. That was a real challenge as all of the datasets were needlessly complicated and interconnected. (One text file contained the vector of the water's flow and the Z position of each sample as an offset from the terrain, defined in another .txt file that loosely defined a triangulated grid...)

However, i'm most proud of the UI. It was done in Flash/Scaleform using the CLIK components extensively. They've been subclassed to add a tiny bit of additional functionality but nothing remarkable. It's really fast and user-friendly and presents the data in an easy-to -use manner. Also, the CLIK components allowed me to mock it up really fast and get signoff fromt he client upfront before adding all the fancy-schmancityness that you see in the video :D