Friday, January 27, 2012

UDK Day/Night System (Update!)

I've been trying to get the 3D Studio MAX daylight system sun position into the UDK for a bit now. I managed to rig a way to export a skeletal animation and tie the light to it. I'm writing up a tutorial now to help everybody out who is trying to impliment something like this.

While it's certainly harder than just rotating the sun in the UDK, I'm getting location-specific, accurate sun position as well as an accurate arc through the sky.

The tutorial on how to get the accurate path into the UDK is here:


  1. Hi, this is great. Is the tutorial done by any chance?

    1. Thanks! :D
      The tutorial on how to get the path from MAX into the UDK is here:
      I'm looking at getting trying to make a script-driven location system using:
      I'll post that code up here when I do!